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I accidentally posted to 2 forums - I'm deleting the duplicate posting from here and leaving the thread on the F13 6 series forum -

I have owned my 2012 640d MSport Coupe for 3 months now... and from day one I was disappointing with the "BMW 676 Hifi" sound system. I previously owned a 2004 545i with Logic7 and my wife drives a 2008 X5 4.8i, also with Logic 7. I'd have been happy with a system that matched either of those... but the system fell well short.

The components I have purchased (and mostly installed):
1 x Rainbow IL-C4.2 F (part 231247) - pair of mids & tweeters for the front doors
2 x Earthquake Sound SWS-8X 8-inch (2 Ohm) Shallow Woofer System - under each of the front seats
2 x Earthquake Sound R8SWS Installation Ring Adapter for Speakers
2 x Kicker 12CX3001 CX-Series Monoblock Power Amplifier - [email protected] Ohm;, [email protected] Ohm;
1 x 4 channel Alpine MRV-F300 - 50Wrmsx4 @4 Ohm;, 75Wrmsx4 @2 Ohm;

Everything (miraculously) fits:

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