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hmm Burning smell?

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Hey how's it going! First of all I wanted to thank you guys for the previous help on the alternator and power steering pimp. It turned out to be an easy change out and it felt great to work on my own car.

Now I love this car but it keeps giving me issues. I was wondering if you could help me diagnose what's wrong with it this time.

I keep getting a burnt smell coming from some where in the engine bay. The smell gets specially worst when the car is at a full stop. Also when I turn on the air, i can smell it coming from the air ducts. I've been meaning to change out the valve cover gaskets too, since i found a slow leak around the edges

Lastly, I found a good crack on the expansion tank the other day so i'am ordering a cooling kit just to be sure nothing else fails on the cooling system. This is definitely overdue as there are tons of coolant stains on around the radiator hoses, fan, and passenger side of the motor bay... (I know it's horrible..) Could the leaking coolant be the cause of this burnt smell? I'am trying not to drive the car anymore until the kit comes in. I'am afraid warping the engine from over heating.

edit: also my low coolant light never comes on anymore.. even if the coolant tank is empty..

Could it be the leaking oil from the engine cover? or the coolant spills?

any advice?
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What kind of a burning smell? Sounds like it's probably oil landing on the exhaust manifold. Your valve cover gasket is probably leaking on that side. With a flashlight go look at the passenger side of the engine and see if you can spot any oil seeping out. That's probably your culprit.
hmmmm ok thanks. I

t's more or less a burning plastic smell. I'll check out if I can find it the leak towards that area.
Based on symptoms it sounds an awful lot like a valve cover gasket going.

When was the last VCG put on the car?

Can you identify any oil leaking out/on the left rear side of the engine top, in particular around the half moon gasket lands on the VCG? (the oil drips down on the manifold, giving that characteristic burnt oily smell...)
As regards the expansion tank, ymmv, but if the cooling parts (water pump, thermostat, tank, hoses, etc.) are over 60,000 miles, or unknown, best bet is to replace ALL of them at once. It's just as easy to pull it all out and replace with new parts ONCE as opposed to doing it all each time when they fail. Cause they will.
okkk, so the gasket looks like it is leaking from the passenger side half moons. Where could I buy the gasket at? =o
I would use Max at, or any other fest sponsor.

Or your dealer if you need it fast.
okkk, so the gasket looks like it is leaking from the passenger side half moons. Where could I buy the gasket at? =o
Roger that, for some odd reason I thought didn't carry it. I just found it. Thank you!
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