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Well another year has past and this was the wettest HC yet!
During the trip from Greensboro NC with Terry & Char, it rained.
When we were at Deal's Gap, most of the time it rained.
When we were heading to Marji & Bruce's MOST EXCELLENT house in the woods, it rained.
When we were at HC, it rained, it even rained - - ok mist, through out Saturday.
The only day that it did not rain or mist was TODAY, Sunday. Go figure!

You would think that once Cindy and I unloaded the car that we would go sleep for the next two days. NOPE, we have to start packing AGAIN and LOAD our cars, her Miata and my Z3, to get ready to hit the road on MONDAY to head to San Antonio.

We will again pass by the factory on I-85 towards Texas.

Man I am tired of traveling and mostly driving....

First Cindy and I want to thank Bruce and Marji for inviting the NC crew to their new home and what a home it is. Thank you for waiting for us on the lunch that we were over 2-hours late for.

Terry, Char, David, Maria, & Maurice "got the butt" do you think it is time for me to get a GPS unit for my Z3? or a rocket launcher to blow cars out of our way that seem to be the slowest ones on the road.

I will be posting my photos and my Homecoming story once we get to San Antonio, so stay tuned to my website.

It was great seeing everyone again and meeting new owners, especially the ones from Texas!

Until we meet again =:)
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