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Hotel: Doorman and porters-- EUR 1 per bag.

Others-- nothing unless you get special service from the concierge. In that case give him/her EUR 5 - 10 depending on the value of the service. (Example--the concierge gets you two EUR 40 tickets to tonight's symphony. Give him EUR 10 extra.)

Valet parking: Explain the key problem and that you want to drive the car to the parking area. Give the doorman/parking person EUR 10 as if they were doing the parking for you. You'll have a friend for the duration of your stay. Plus, your car is worth it. :D

Restaurants: 10%, but read the Wiki for other opinions.

Cabs: 10%

Rolf: EUR 10 or 10% over the quoted rate, whichever is more. :angel:

(All of this will be debated endlessly. The discussion in the Wiki describes some of the exceptions and alternate views.)
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