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Hi, I've got an 04 645ci w/smg that has a lot of electrical problems. -Electrical things seem to be failing one after another in almost sequential order and I can't really examine this stuff, and if I get it into a shop to repair something (like the direct steering), then I get taxed more because the shop has to send it out to be programmed. The problem is that 3 or 4 other electrical things (including my swiveling headlights, and parking sensors) have to be addressed once I get it back.

Someone diagnosed a trans problem for me a while back and did it on their laptop using a USB cable. They were able to do everything from shifting transmission gears to aiming the swiveling headlights through their laptop. Also they could monitor transmission pressures and everything else.

I need to get that type of setup for myself and I'll learn how to use it because I plan on keeping this car at least long enough to enjoy it, but I'm getting nickle and dimed to death on it sending it to repair shops who don't even have the technology to properly diagnose and fix it. They don't have the software, and if I can get my hands on it then I'll figure out all this stuff myself and at least know what to tell people to do if I can't fix it on my own.

Where do I start? What do I need to know? I'm an eager and capable learner!

I'm 31 I've had plenty of used cars in the past and I always do my own repairs if it's stuff I can access and bolt off and on using typical tools.

I want to enjoy my vehicle and enjoy the privilege of being a BMW owner, but so far it's just been a burden and a headache. Please help me change my experience of owning a BMW.

Thank you.

Scott G
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ISTA+ / Rheingold on a dedicated Windoze laptop. Look in the local coding forum.
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