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i am Martin, 24, Software Developer from Germany. I love my BMW's and I am super curious about getting more into BMW Tuning. I know that you can unlock and code features in the car with ESYS and i know you can diagnose with ISTA/P.

I read online that since 2017 the F10/F30 ECU is "Unlocked" and you can Flash your own maps (Fuel maps) on the Car through OBD II. But how exactly does this work? How do i connect to the ECU to change fuel or shifttimes? What software do i need? I am willing to learn it and looking for help, or hints to what to search for. I kind of know how mapping in general works, or at least I have a basic understanding of it.

I am mainly interrested in knowledge for the E87 and F10/F30.

I am greatful for every hint!

Thank you in advance!

Best Wishes from Germany
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