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How do you just wash your car and not polish and wax it?

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Sometimes I see people make comments like "I wash my car once a week but wax once a month".

If I were to just wash my car, I'd have a lot of water spots on it. The water spots mean that I have to use some paint cleanser (like P21s cleanser) to get them out. If I use the cleanser, then I need to apply a new coat of wax-- so its like a whole vicious cycle.

What do you guys do when you "just" wash your car?:confused:
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Okay I am lazy

I know black looks great when it is nice and clean but I confess one of the reasons I chose Steel Blue over Topaz or Orient was ease of maintenance. So far I have been able to just wash my car--just waxed for the first time but the dealer did it at delivery. I think the key is a cool car in the shade and to quickly get the water off. I bought a CWB and think it will help minimize spots. I do have a truck that is black and it is a PITA to keep clean.:tsk:
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