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How do you just wash your car and not polish and wax it?

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Sometimes I see people make comments like "I wash my car once a week but wax once a month".

If I were to just wash my car, I'd have a lot of water spots on it. The water spots mean that I have to use some paint cleanser (like P21s cleanser) to get them out. If I use the cleanser, then I need to apply a new coat of wax-- so its like a whole vicious cycle.

What do you guys do when you "just" wash your car?:confused:
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robg said:
What do you guys do when you "just" wash your car?:confused:
Wash with a good car wash, rinse, dry.

I wash only in the shade, and I shampoo/rinse/dry panel by panel. Slow but great results. Then I use a quick detailer spray to finish it up. No water spot problems.

For the hardcore folks, use distilled water to rinse. I did that today. Even if it dries on you, it shouldn't leave water stains.
robg said:
Maybe I will try distilled water with a spray attachment. I'd think think that using distilled water in a spray bottle would only be effective on a car that wasn't very dirty. How nuch distilled water did it take to rinse the car? Did you just pore it from the bottle or did you spray it?
A gallon jug of distilled water will do the whole car (rinsing), as long as you're conservative. Just use a spray bottle. If you use the pouring method, try 2-3 gallons (if your car is dirty, this is preferable). I think I paid $2 or so for my gallon of distilled water.
Does anyone make some sort of hose filter attachment to purify water and remove most of the minerals? That would be a great detailing tool!
I think you actually need more than a filter to soften water to eliminate hard water spots. I don't know enough about this subject, but there should be chemical ways to soften your water too (some sort of tablet you drop in your water?)
PM 325xiT said:
I understand your rinsing method w/ spray bottle, but how do you do the wash level with using minimal water?
The correct answer is... don't let your car get dirty. :(

I have been using detail spray 2 times a day for every day that I take the car out. That's the only way I can get away with not doing a proper shampoo.

My car has been pretty much pristine for the last few weeks, and I had to increase my supply of quick detailer to keep up with my daily routine. :tsk:
Taking these lines out of context creates a totally different picture ... :lmao: :lmao:
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