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How do you just wash your car and not polish and wax it?

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Sometimes I see people make comments like "I wash my car once a week but wax once a month".

If I were to just wash my car, I'd have a lot of water spots on it. The water spots mean that I have to use some paint cleanser (like P21s cleanser) to get them out. If I use the cleanser, then I need to apply a new coat of wax-- so its like a whole vicious cycle.

What do you guys do when you "just" wash your car?:confused:
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Alex -- your M3 is just stunningly beautiful. It was hard for me to close the browser window and stop staring at it.

It makes me want to go detail the hell out of my jet black 325 right now!

Maybe I will try distilled water with a spray attachment. I'd think think that using distilled water in a spray bottle would only be effective on a car that wasn't very dirty. How nuch distilled water did it take to rinse the car? Did you just pore it from the bottle or did you spray it?

Does anyone make some sort of hose filter attachment to purify water and remove most of the minerals? That would be a great detailing tool!

I guess I knew most of what you said-- although the tip about using the hot water is interesting. I guess I just need to be even more "OCD" in following these directions. Or, I guess I should just never get closer than about 6 inches to my finish so I won't see all of the little marks. Same thing w/ interior rattles-- I could just turn up the stereo- but I feel the need to turn it down so I can try and pinpoint the rattle-- but inevitably just get more frustrated.

I think i just need to chill a bit more.. ACtually, I go back and forth between being extremely obsessive about my car and almost not giving a rats ass. For some reason, when the car was brand new and I had it in europe I was much less obsessed. I drove it at high speeds on the autobahn, parked it outside, didn't wash it for a month, let bugs accumulate, and generally just enjoyed myself and the car. Then, I get back to the US, and start getting obsessive (rattles, steering, washing, etc). Maybe its hanging around all of you guys and being taunted w pics of Alee's and Alex's cars :dunno:
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