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How do you just wash your car and not polish and wax it?

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Sometimes I see people make comments like "I wash my car once a week but wax once a month".

If I were to just wash my car, I'd have a lot of water spots on it. The water spots mean that I have to use some paint cleanser (like P21s cleanser) to get them out. If I use the cleanser, then I need to apply a new coat of wax-- so its like a whole vicious cycle.

What do you guys do when you "just" wash your car?:confused:
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Some really good car wash tips here...

I've used the same product for years for washes - Turtle Wax "Zip Wax". An wax and wash in one product. Before you laugh, I get pretty good results out of it. It cleans very well, and leaves a nice finish. Best of all, it lasts. It's great for quick washes when you don't want to spend a great deal of time, or simply don't have the time to do a full wax. Of course it's no substitute for a full cleaning with a high quality wax, but it'll do.

Here's a pic of a recent wash:


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I wash/dry the car in sections. Starting with the roof. Then the windshields, hood/trunk, front/back and then the sides. Wheels are last. Never had to use anything but car wash (Zaino) a few sponges, california water blade and microfiber towels. At first I found I was constantly re-wetting areas I've previously dried. However, after a few tries I found it easy to reduce the overspray when rinsing.

Whole wash/dry process is usually around 45 minutes. Maybe more depending on how much time I spend on the wheels.
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