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How Do You Remove Power Steering Pulley?

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Pretty much like the question states. I removed 3 bolts, but it is still held in place by a rivet of some sort.

Thank you in advance...
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If I remember correctly--it's pressed on. I broke mine once and had to replace it--thats the best of what I remember though--what are you trying to do--this thing is made of plastic, which means it won't take a lot of pounding when trying to take it off.
it's not a rivet. you just have to pull it off. it is pressed on too tightly to do it by hand--you MIGHT be able to get away with using a vise. the correct way to do it is to use a pulley puller. when i changed my PS pump, Advance auto Parts swapped the pulley for me on the spot using their own puller. I just loosened the 3 bolts for them because i figured that the new pump might not include a pulley.
It usually pops off, but sometimes it will break off. I usually have luck gently prying at it. It is not pressed in.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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