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How do you tell what status number your on?

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I'm sorta new at this, I was just wondering how do you find out what status number your no (i.e. 150 or 153)... I know what the numbers mean, but when I go to Owner Circle and sign in it just says
Current Status: On Order
Estimated production date: 6/14/02

under review order details. Will it change to an actual status number farther into the production cycle? On order should be 112 right?

Maybe they show this number somewhere else. Thanks in advance.
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You can call BMWNA at 1-800-831-1117 x3. Give them your production number and they will tell you what the status is. Owners circle only gives you a general description and its not as accurate as calling BMWNA.

Just try not to call everyday......:D :D
So every other day will be ok ;O)
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