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how does one find a local BMW driving school?

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if there is such a thing. any decent driving school would be great. I'd like to be able to take the wife along as well. any recommendations?
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I picked up a brochure for some BMW center schools at my local parts department. has anyone tried one of these (I assume you fly over to the facility)? what did it cost?
Why not just contact your local BMW CCA chapter?
Ok, I'm going to the Rocky Mountain Chapter BMWCCA driving school this saturday 4-30-2005. The car is tech. inspected (and new brakes mounted) and I'm totally pumped. My question is:

What is the list of must have items to enjoy the day?

I'm talking coolers, tents, etc... Not car tech. stuff.
In the US, the only BMW run driving school is the Performance Center at Spartenburg, SC. They run 1 and 3 day car control schools, the 2.5 day M school and the Advanced M School. They also run teen driver programs and a special 2 day car control for women only (instructors are women also).

There are a bunch of good commercial driving schools around the country. My favorite for beginning performance drivers is Roos Racing ( and their 2 Day Precision Highway School. Very good stuff that you will use every day. They run at various locations, but home is Pocono, PA.

Others that have non-racing oriented courses are, Skip Barber (, Lime Rock, CT and other locations, Bob Bondurant located in Phoenix area.
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