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For the heck of it I stopped by and talked to my salesman to check if there was anything going on and I got talking about possibly trading in my '01 325Ci for a '03 325Ci. Options are as follows:

Topaz Blue
Premium Package
Sport Package
Cold Weather Package
Natural Brown Leather
Rear Airbags

MSRP came to $39,880 which I do have flexibilty with, and was quoted the following lease which I also have some flexibility with

39 Months / 15K year / $0 down

$555 /month + tax

I can definately get this down a couple dollars, but I wanted to see what some others thought of this. I don't know if I would even do anything, but having never leased a car (always paid cash or financed), I am not sure what exactly is a "good lease deal".
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