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How is the wear on S-03s?

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Trying to decide between the ($$) S-03s and the ($) HTRZ-IIs for new tires. Given the rave reviews I've read of the S-03s, I'm inclined to spend the extra cash, but I am curious about wear. I know max performance tires wear quickly, but I'm wondering if the S-03s are likely to last longer than the Pilot Sports I have now (which probably lasted about 15K miles).
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I am autocrossing, which is definitely taking its toll on my street tires. Ultimately, I'll have to buy a set of R-compounds, both to be competitive and to reduce the stress on my street tires. I think I want to finish this season on street rubber, though, because I suspect the lower limits are better for learning car control.

S-03s it is, then.

Emission said:
I had the Sumitomo's on my 330i, and I have S-O2's on my 911.

The S-O2's (previous generation) are pretty sticky, even more so than the Sumitomo tires were. Since I am going to replace the tires soon, I will go with the S-O3's on the Porsche because wear is not a concern of mine.

I bet the Sumitomo's will last about 30% longer than the S-O3's, but they are less grippy. They are also only about 65% the cost.

If you track your car, or autocross, and ultimate grip is essential, get the SO-3's.

If you drive hard, fast, and enjoy taking corners on the street (no track use), I would get the Sumitomo's in a second. They are an excellent tire with few rivals. I never reached the limit of my Sumitomo's on the street (you shouldn't be doing that anyway).

Personally, I think the S-O3's are overkill for the street.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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