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How Long a Wait for an Ordered 330i Convertible?

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This is a two-part question:

First, I'm interested in knowing about how long it would take to get a 330i convertible if I were to order it, say... today? And, if I waited until spring to order, would the length of the wait time be about the same?

Secondly, I've read a number of posts where the 330i coupes can be purchased for quite a bit under MSRP. But, what sort of discount can I anticipate for the convertible (one that is typically equipped). If it makes a difference, I am in the Cleveland area.

Thanks for any feedback! :thumbup:

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If you ordered tomorrow, you'd be getting a late march or early April production car which would mean you'd get it in late April or early May.

Discounts on these cars vary by market, supply, and options. I'd try to order one as soon as possible while ordering supply is good because once those Cic's get on the ground in spring I don't think it'll be a good time to really deal once they get hot again.
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