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How long should the OEM brake pads last?

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How long are the brake pads supposed to last?

My warning light just came on at 10.8K. Also... How much brakepad is left? Do I NEED to get the pads replaced immediately, or can I wait a few days?
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I suppose I'll call and make an appointment tomorrow.
It did seem awfully damned early for the pads to go. I'm an aggressive driver, but not THAT aggressive...

BTW, Dan, you have a typo in the last line of your sig.
I feel better now. :)
I imagine the fact that my car masses about 400lbs. more than a sedan must help my brakes wear down.
What did you do? Set the cruise control on an oval circuit?
Hmm... My service advisor claims that it's perfectly safe for me to drive the car for another two weeks until an appointment on the 23rd.

Ah well, if the rotors get ****ed, it's his fault now.
The mpg gauge nosie is normal. I doubt you'll get anything done on that.
1 - 7 of 27 Posts
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