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How long should the OEM brake pads last?

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How long are the brake pads supposed to last?

My warning light just came on at 10.8K. Also... How much brakepad is left? Do I NEED to get the pads replaced immediately, or can I wait a few days?
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At what thickness does the warning light normally come on? When I had my Inspection 1 a couple of weeks ago the tech indicated 3mm front/5mm rear on the workorder printout. I'm guessing about 2-3,000 more miles before I need a front brake job.:dunno:
Someone should know the answer to this question. What is the minimum brake pad thickness (mm) before new pads are needed?
DrBimmer said:
At Inspection 1 at 27,000 miles , my car had over 50% thickness left on the pads... Does that make you feel better? :D
Welcome back DrBimmer. :)
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