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How long should the OEM brake pads last?

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How long are the brake pads supposed to last?

My warning light just came on at 10.8K. Also... How much brakepad is left? Do I NEED to get the pads replaced immediately, or can I wait a few days?
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You guys need to get a real BMW. I just replaced my brake pads for the first time at 61,000 in the front. The rears have over 50% left.

By the way, the dealer will always replace the rotors when they replace the break pads. (Most independent shops will also).
I have 47K on my car and still haven't seen the warning light. Actually only the back ones have 47K on them, the fronts were replaced due to a TSB at 30K.
I dunno if i would rely on the warning lights. Mine never came on... and at 26K miles i tracked my car at a driving event. At the end of the day i thought i had major brake fade...

what it was is that the pads wore all the way down to the metal so that it was grinding the disc while i was on a track.

the good news is that the dealer replaced all 4 rotors, all 4 pads, and all 4 sensors under the warranty & maintenance plan.
The 540 is getting its first brake job now. Pads all around, rotors in the front. 96,000 miles.
Someone should know the answer to this question. What is the minimum brake pad thickness (mm) before new pads are needed?
DrBimmer said:
At Inspection 1 at 27,000 miles , my car had over 50% thickness left on the pads... Does that make you feel better? :D
Welcome back DrBimmer. :)
I just looked at my front pads again a couple of mights ago and the inner ones are really low. The RH one with the sensor is perilously close to breaking it.

22k mi from new.
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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