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How long will you keep your E46? [Reliability]

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I will have owned my 1992 Honda Accord EX 10 years as of this November (it's at 148K miles right now without any major maintenance issues). I bought my 2002 330xi in November last year. Do you guys feel it's worth keeping my BMW for the same amount of time? Have BMWs generally been very reliable cars?

Or would it be smarter for me to sell it before the warranty expires and buy another BMW (maybe next 5) or a Japanese sports sedan. Perhaps a future G35 (6speed) or next-gen IS300 that's isn't boyracered-out.

I've just been curious to see what you guys think.
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I'm planning on keeping mine as long as parts are readily available at a reasonable price and there aren't too many specialty (read: dealer-only serviceable) things that go wrong.

But I'd say this about any car I really liked and want to keep, BMW or not.

But then again, if something better comes along and I can't afford to have both (E60M5 Touring???), I'll get rid of it.
As long as it runs, and the engine,transmission,or any other significant part doesn't fail:D . Or if someone runs into me and the car is a total loss:eek: , which I hope won't happen. I'd say reliability is above average, but not a Honda accord/Toyota Camry.
My E46 has been the best car I've had so far.
Barring anything awful happening, I plan to keep my 330i until at least 2010.
I have a 1990 525i with 207,000 mi. The engine is tight and doesn't burn a drop of oil. It has given me no trouble outside of general maint. I have no reason to believe that my E46 won't be the same.
my car has 00 323i w/ 28000 mi had its first major transmission faliure last week....

i hope my car lasts....
It's a stepping stone

I bought mine in November and I'll drive it until it's paid for in 6 years. Then I'll sell it (for about $20k) and put the money into a new 545i. Then I'll drive that for 5-6 years and sell it (for $30k) and buy a M5. I'll drive that for 5-6 years and sell it (for $40k) and....

I'm leasing mine (3yr/15k) so I may only have it 3 years. If it's still in perfect shape (no accidents, few probs over lease, clean undercarriage {grin}, etc.) then I'll probably buy it come lease end and keep it as a second car. But I will be buying new in 3 years either way... I don't want to have a daily driver outside of the mfg. warranty period ever again. :eeps:

As far as reliability is concerned, I have had no first-hand experience with this yet. All I know is that it hasn't yet sunk the Triumph Ace, so things are looking up! :thumb:

My plan is to keep my car 10 years. My wife and I would like to each buy a new car every 10 years (staggered). This way we only have one car payment at any given moment. I hope my plan works!
BMW's can be kept for quite a long time if you're willing to deal with the occasionaly high cost for a failed part every now and then. My dad still has his 1991 325is that he bought new. As a sign of the durability of parts, he still has the OE exhaust system on. Name one Japanese car that can do that! :yikes:
As long as possible :thumb:
Until I can get a decent deal on a G35 6-speed sports package (hopefully with wood trim on the center console).

I plan to keep my '01 320dT for another year and then move up to a 5er. Uh, an E39 of course.

We've had out MY2000 SLK230 for a year and love it! As far as customer service goes the local MB dealer beats BMW hands down. The MB has been very reliable, and the fact that it's a hard top convertable provides a reassuring safety measure.

You can't really go wrong with either car.
shifty said:
what are your guys opinions of benz compared to bmw in regards to reliability
getting a new car this fall , not sure if i should go for the SLK or the Z4
i plan on keeping it for a long time:dunno:
At least 5-6 years or till I start having too much trouble with it (hope not).
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