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How low can you go ?

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I think we sometimes compare the mileage on our cars. Mostly to the high side. Let's look at the low side. I put my 2005 back on the road two weeks ago. 60431 miles. Anybody close or lower ??
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I purchased my 06 in January w 21,900 on the clock.

I love it and wonder how this previous owner drove it so few miles.

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I have 58,500 on an 03 that I've had since 2018. Its a garage queen which I only drive rarely . I'm not driving much now due to my top being locked down . It had 56,000 on it when I purchased the car
Hello all. My 2007 Si just passed 13,100 miles. I have had it about three years. I drive it as an escape to get away! :) The previous owner was retired and never drove it - obviously Love it !! Its damn near new.
Just rolled past 50k on 2005.
Bought my 2006 in 2015 with 50K miles on it. It's a 6 1/2-7 month car for me and I've only put about 7000 miles on it in 5 years. I love taking short jaunts on the weekends but for my 70 year old bones, the ride is just to stiff for a longer (100 miles or more) trip.
100 miles round-trip is the longest I've driven my 03and then I took a spare with me. I'm approaching 70 myself and also ride a motorcycle, sparingly.
Why the low miles? Why are you guys not enjoying these fun cars more???
I enjoy mine,when I take it out of the garage on a bright, sunny day. I have other vehicles that I drive regularly, day in and out , including a motorcycle.. I keep a charger on it to keep the battery up.
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