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How many times has your radar detector saved you?

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How many times have you been speeding and you were saved by your radar detector?

Curious to see just how much detectors pay for themselves.
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I can't even imagine what that number would be......been using them for over twenty years
I've had a number of detectors.. my newest being a V1. In the past 8 or so years that Ive been using a detector, I can honestly say that each one has paid for itself a number of times. Insurance in NJ is CRAZY, as is the BS you have to deal with for court, DMV etc.. 400 bucks is paid for the first time you get to slow down 3 seconds before the cop tags you with a gun.
Just got a Passport 8500 about a month back, and it paid for itself the very first weekend. Avoided 3 speed traps in as many days - if I hadn't had it, I would've been bagged for sure.

Doesn't mean they're fool proof - I've still been caught with a detector. There is very little defense against "instant on" radar or laser. And once, on a very long straight road in Maine, late at night, a cop got me at nearly a mile away. I just didn't think they had that range - learned the hard way.

But I'll say I've avoided a ticket about 80% of the time with a detector, some common sense, and knowing "where they hide". I just can't imagine driving without one. They should come standard with BMW's.
I've owned 3 models over the course of 18 years. They've saved my butt enough to pay for themselves three times over. They help even the odds.
it helped me three times on my trip to san it should be good news right? NOooooooO..i was so confident in the radar detector i just left my right foot planted on my way back..guess what happens??

got caught by an airplane:cry: :banghead:
I bought a Bel 980 about 1 1/2 years ago and it paid for itself in the first couple of weeks. Since owning the detector not one ticket. I hope to keep this streak up (I've probably just jinxed myself).:eeps:
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