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For my upcoming 3 events, here is the breakdown:

One day open track w/Mustang club: $150
Sandlapper CCA driving school: $280
Tar Heel CCA driving school: $265

I need hotels for the CCA schools, so figure another $150 or so each on top of that. It gets pricey... :(

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///Mathew said:
thanks guys. Are there any prerequisites for an auto-X? Would i have to have some sort of instruction at a BMWCCA auto-x, or could i just show up and starting riding through?
The NCC will let you run solo at your first event, but you will probably benefit greatly from getting an instructor to ride with you. Requirements vary from club to club (or organizing body), but generally, they will require an on site tech inspection for your car and that your helmet (if you bring your own) meet a certain standard (like Snell90 or better).
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