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How much DPF?

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Got my first oil change today at 11,500 miles (half on the highway).
On the receipt it says they added 8 units of oil and 2 units of DPF.

I have no idea what quantity a "unit" of DPF is but I guess I was expecting them to add more.

I know this will vary by the mix of driving a person does but:
How much DPF was added at your last oil change?
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I don't recall ever seeing an amount or a unit. Only that it was refilled.

Unit could be a liter or a gallon. 2 liters would be very little. 2 gals could be possible. How do you know if they even filled it up all the way?:dunno:

I see on the internet where units are sold in 2.5 gal jugs, so two units would be about 5 gals. Full is about 6 gals, so that would be about right.
2 units for me, I did a search on the part number and it equated to 2.5 gallon jugs :)

To clarify I assume you are speaking of "DEF". "DPF" usually stands for Diesel Particulant Filter.
Unless they added two diesel particulate filters to his car?:tsk: Anybody ever wondered how they make the urea solution that comprises the fluid?:yikes: I keep visualizing a bunch of guys standing around pissing into a crock!:rofl:
Just ask them to fill the tank and top off the other one. If they agree to do both, you are covered.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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