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How often do people sit in your back seat

  • Never since I've had the car

    Votes: 7 14.3%
  • Once a Month

    Votes: 19 38.8%
  • Twice a Month

    Votes: 5 10.2%
  • Once a Week

    Votes: 13 26.5%
  • Everyday

    Votes: 4 8.2%
  • I'm homeless and live in my backseat

    Votes: 1 2.0%

How often do you have more than 2 ppl in your car?

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I am in the early stages of new car shopping (to replace my 94 Audi Cab w/ 170k miles) and pretty much narrowed it down to a pre-owned (still debating e36/e46) 3xx convertible or a preowned boxster. The one thing that really makes me think twice about a boxster is the inflexibility of two seats. I need to get a better grasp of whether I'm making this out to be more of an issue than it really is. Right now, my wife and I have no kids (probably stay that way for 3 more yrs or so), and rarely do we actually drive around with someone in the back seat, but still I like having the option of taking the convertible on a nice day and shoving someone behind us.

Figuring everyone here has very different lifestyles, how often do you use your backseat to carry a passenger?
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hts said:
If you're not going to have kids for several years and rarely have anyone back there, get the Porsche! (Is it a Boxter S, I hope?).

It won't be a boxster S. Personally, I'm not all that into more power, our 325 has plenty of power as far as I'm concerned. I am not a drag racer. I have a lot more fun taking cars out on back roads and zipping around and FEELING as much as I can at normal speeds.

On a given road, I actually enjoyed my e36 325is more than my roomates e36 M3 because I could safely play somewhere near the limits of my 325 on the road. At the same speeds in the M3, it was boring. I'd have to drive twice as fast, approaching speeds where if I or another driver screwed up somebody might get hurt, to have the same visceral sensations in the M3. I drove a 1999 boxster (2.7) the other day and had a feel similar to the m3 from it. Cruising around back country roads with posted 25mph turns at 50 and 60mph was sedate, not really entertaining. I did like the interior space, and front and rear trunk, the 5-sp was a million times better than in our e46, the engine sound and the overall style of the boxster a lot though. I had more fun driving an e36 328ic, and like the practicality, safety, rigidity and"newness" of the e46 323/325ic, so we'll see. Realistically, a miata would be our best bet from a performance/feel standpoint, but it just isn't practical enough to be my daily driver. We have time to make up our mind, I won't be getting anything new before this winter.

My wife and I do a lot of road trips from Philly to New England, Annapolis, Viginia, and the NJ shore. Half the fun for us is planning some little used road excursions on the way, putting the top down and just enjoying the scenery.
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TD said:
I have a wife and a child so I often have 3 people in my car.
How often do you put the child in the back of the convertible Tom? Ever with the top down?
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