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How to bring outside air in without heating?

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My car is a 2011 528. I am having trouble to bring outside air into the car at ambient temperature. If the air conditioning is off and the engine is at running temperature, air coming in is always warmer than the outside. I tried to switch the Air system on and off and changing the temperature setting, doesn’t make any difference. I took the car to dealer twice and also wrote to BMW Canada. The dealer had the car for three days each time and finally I was told that there is nothing they could do and that is the way the car is designed.

When the outside air is around 18–21 °C, I just don’t want air conditioning. It is frustrated.

Friends, if you are considering a new 5, check out the air system first.
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Rotate the little wheels on the center front and rear vents to blue from red.
Have you tried setting the air recirc button to allow outside air in? :dunno:
For this they have a device called a window.
Turn the airconditioning on, set the wheel to blue and close stealths device again?

Whatever could be the source of being bothered by a running airco?
Turn off the A/C (snowflake button) and set the temperature to its lowest setting (60 deg F on my car). Set the dashboard vent adjusters to full blue. As long as the air temperature doesn't go below 60, you won't get any heat. I sympathize with you. There should be a vent only setting, but even my 2002 E39 didn't have that and most newer cars I've driven don't offer a vent setting. I think some of the older GM cars labeled the vent setting "economy". It'll probably be reinvented soon and offered as part of an ECO mode.
lol! @radarguy. but i sympathize with OP, I do miss the vent - I stick to the window now
Radar guy has the best answer here I think.

Yes, I just tried it and it works fine.
Radar guy has the best answer here I think.
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