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Have a Z4MC and cruise control isn't working. I read somewhere that this could be due to a remap and the seller said that the speed limiter was removed so probably some kind of remap was installed.

I don't have an OBD device yet. Read that the most elaborate and cost efficient way is to simply get an old Win XP laptop and install some sort of free BMW software.

Besides reading fault codes will that also display aftermarket remaps ?

And should there be any, is it easy to simply flash back to the default ECU software ?

If it's only the limiter removed and if this is not causing the CC being diabled, then I'll just as well leave it be.

But if it's some broad ignition, fuel etc. 'optimization' by people who think they can substantially outsmart the BMW devs then I'd love to have that removed anyways. No need for instability just for the sake of 8 bhp more.

Thanks !
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