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I have coded with Carly app with success but now I need something more...

I have finished installing Ista-D which is working, for instance I have read battery history which on Ista-D has a lot more information than Carly could show.
I am going to install INPA F, NCS Expert, WinkFp, Tool32, NCS Dummy...

I am sure that the software (of a car) is better when the bugs are fixed ;)
So I think if I should upgrade the ECU software and the transmission software...
I don't know if another software could be upgraded in 650i v8 4.8...

So there are my questions:
1. What could be upgrade?
1a. The ECU software?
1b. The transmission software?
1c. What else could be upgraded?

2. How to check which version of software does the ECU have...? and the transmission...?

I am not going to upgrade it myself but I wish I know which version this car has and which the newest version is available... Especially for the transmission and the ECU.
If this car has a software which is a few years back I will upgrade it at the local independent BMW electronics repair shop...

PS Really the software of ECU/transmission could be upgraded either by ISTA/D or E-Sys or Tool32 :yikes:

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When you are at the control tree, right click on the module to get the version of the module are wanting to check. You can then do several different diagnostic test that apply to this module. If you try & update the firmware on a module,when it crashes, it can get very expensive, very fast.
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