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We just picked up a used 323ci. It has issues with the EML, check engine and ABS/TC light which produced a code (don't recall #) that pointed to the Idle Control Valve, which I replaced last week.

This seems to have solved that issue where the car would go into "limp home" mode from the EML after slip situation.

We also have the brake warning light on due to thin pads on the back, which are on order.

Today the wife got the ABS/TC only warning light, which reset fine after turning off and restarting the ignition. No codes from an OBD2 code puller. No limp home. Obvious we don't know if the brake light would be on too, because it's already on from the thin pads.

Does the proprietary BMW system have more detailed codes stored into from the last trigger of the ABS/TC light?

I've been kicking around the idea of buy Durametric software (new on market and I've use his Porsche software in the past, good stuff...) for advanced troubleshooting and I'm wondering if the more advanced softwares on the market are the only things that are going to tell me if it's a ABS wheel sensor, other sensors, computer or ABS pump.

thoughts and comments that are not rude are appreciated!

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