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I changed my oil this weekend, no problems with that, but I am having trouble getting the car to display the count down to an oil change when the ignition is turned on.
I used the same procedure as in the past to reset the oil change indication. After doing that, I now see the service inspection count down instead.
I went thru the normal reset procedure a few times, and waited for the 50 mile 2.5 gallon reset window to expire, and tried it again, no luck.

My search of this forum did not turn up anything, and as I type this I realized I forgot to check the wiki.

Thanks in advance!

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The computer alternates between Inspection Service and Oil Servicedisplayed, as the former also entails an oil change except it is more thorough than the Oil Service. So if your last interval was for a simple Oil Service, upon reset, the next interval will be Inspection, and then Oil, then Inspection, etc....
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