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How to drive the car and not log in mileage

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I am not sure whether this is funny or dangerous:

But it seems the guy found a way to fool the mileage logged in the odometer.

Way back during the oil crisis, a friend of mine used to that on his parents' Volvo station wagon. It had an automatic transmission. Lets say that the car developed a bad case of transmission problems a few years afterwards.

Thinking back, it was quite dangerous coasting on highway 123 without the engine running.
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Quite dangerous. No power steering, no power brakes or quick acceration, should you need it. Gas aint that expensive.
That's braindead. He's kidding or an idiot. You're going to cause an accident having your car off while driving at highway speeds... no ability to accelerate immediately.

Your battery is going to drain prematurely and your starter is going to fry with all those on and offs.
It doesn't sound like he is doing this to cut down HIS mileage . . . it seems he is simply pointing out something he noticed while playing around with his car . . .

I would never do it but then again my almost 2 yr old 330 only has almost 15,000 miles
:tsk: :tsk: :tsk: Why would you even think about this?
Ferris Bueller is alive ! :bigpimp:
How do you nominate someone for a Darwin Award:dunno:

This guy is a likely candidate:thumbdwn:
What a fckin' dumb a$$... :tsk:
Too bad the guy is too stupid to know the engine shuts off fuel during coasting and braking (while in gear). This means the engine uses MORE fuel during the idle.

What a nutcase.
The easiest way is to unplug your cluster.
DaveN323i said:
I am not sure whether this is funny or dangerous:
Re: Re: How to drive the car and not log in mileage

als said:

The easiest way is to unplug your cluster.
Are you certain that works? As far as I know the actual mileage is stored in the ECU, not the gauge cluster. That's why you can swap out clusters and your mileage would read the same.

That's why when you cut power off the engine, the mileage stop piling on. When the engine power is cut off the ECU shuts off but the cluster stays on. :dunno:
Isn't duplicate odometer information stored in some whacky location like the headlight control module behind the main light rotary knob?

Mileage info is stored in the gauge cluster AND the headlight control module.

If for some reason the two don't match, there will be a dot illuminated near the mileage indicator. The system can be re-synched via MODIC.

(Source Bently Manual)

Actually a really good design, should the gauge cluster die, you don't get stuck with a "True Miles Unknown" car, which is a serious hit to the resale value.
sick puppy

That guy has got to be one sick puppy to do something like that
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