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For me, I have found google searching better than forum searching and if you want to google this specific site use the following in the google search field: with your search word and it will confine the search to this site only. i.e. secondary air pump returns any results with secondary or air or pump. Whereas, "secondary air pump" with the quotes yields ONLY those three words consecutively within a thread/post.

Also, I find less is more for the first search i.e. search for "pump" first before searching for secondary air pump. Sometimes people refer to the secondary air pump as S.A.S., SAS. The same can apply to the FSU aka Final Stage Unit aka blower resistor aka Final Stage resistor.

Finally, I find the first search should not be limited to the E39 forum as there are common issues and parts across the model lines that sometimes you can find M62 issues in the E38 forum and M52/M54 issues in the E46 forums.

Problem I see with the suggestion above is many newbies don't know this about cross platforms or what some things are called.

Another problem at times is when we suggest do a search, the future posts of certain members say, "don't ask me to search or google it in the first line of their post. Stating "what is the point of interacting on the forum if all I need to do is search? I want to interact with you guys" So, they feel it is their right to ask the same question even if it is for the 1000th time. Followed by stating, if you don't like the question, move on and don't answer the thread. :dunno: So lately, I do just that, ignore the thread and move on so someone else can deal with it.
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