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MSK 530 2002
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Hi Guys,

Since morning I have been reading threads about Navigation System, all were good and informative but I guess my case is bit special .... my screen didnt show any software verson :S ...... I have a BM 2002 530 and bought it just now so dont know much about it ..... but as I see there is a GPS ROM behind in the boot and inside on the screen top right corner there are three lights in which center one blinks, that I feel refer to GPS .... though I dont have GPS CD right now or DVD I dont know .... but I am planning to refresh it all ..... first I belive I need to upgrade the software and then download another CD for maps ..... can you guys tell me how can I do these two things :S :S ..... I read many threads for that but all started with the Software Version .... and thats from where my problem arises ... how to know about the model number of my software??? it doesnt show on main screen neither on SET screen nor on Onboard Computer screen ..... could you please tell me what to do ??? moreover I dont have any option for navigation on my screen ...
Your detailed response shall be appreciated.
Thanks Alot!
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