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So I have the issue where after I drive in the rain or wash the car, my drivers side footwell is wet. I've searched a bunch on here and on E90post and read through a ton of the topics that describe what the cause of this can be. More than anything else, it appears that it's related to the drainage of my moonroof on the drivers side. I'm fairly confident it's not from the vapor barrier since there is no wetness off towards the side near the door. There is no leak from above either, but instead the wetness is coming up from below.

When I first tested out the moonroof drains, water poured into the passenger side hole drained pretty quickly out of the bottom of the car behind the wheel just like it's supposed to. Doing the same on the drivers side, it took a while to drain out the bottom, and when it did it was noticeably less coming out than it was going in. So I figured a clog in there somewhere was my problem.

I decided to try freeing it up by pouring club soda in to loosen any debris with the carbonation. After that I placed a silicone hose about a half inch into the drainage hole, and blew air into it to further dislodge anything blocking up the line.
After testing again, it seems to be draining like it should.
But... I'm still getting a bunch of wetness on the floor. So, I'd like to get under the carpet and see what's really going on.

Can anybody hook me up with instructions on how to remove the carpet in the drivers side footwell? I looked through my Bentley manual and couldn't find it anywhere in there. Normally I'd just try and do this on my own but what's holding me back is, I'm not sure if thre's any special procedure for removing the accelerator pedal. I don't wanna f*** up any kind of calibration with it, if that makes sense.

Any advice is appreciated here, since my car is developing a funk :( from all these April showers
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