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My 2005 545i was diagnosed with having a bad CCC unit. I need to replace it but I cannot afford to pay the high amount the dealer charges. I want to replace it myself.

I have been able to locate used units. However, how can I tell if they are compatible with my car?

Installation seems easy but does the CCC need to be reprogrammed/coded?

If so, is it possible I can do it myself and if so, how?

If not, how much does it generally cost to get reprogrammed/coded?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time.

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Found this over on the 7 series side .. Some guy in Rancno Cucamonga repars them, he may be able to help ..

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ASK/LOGIC7 Problem Solved!
....thanks to all my bimmer buddies who took the time and helped me with solving the sound issues with my stereo through your a lot of you with your rides my sound system went to h#%! speakers began to pop and crackle and at times no sound from one or two at all distortion was bad. Well i went to the forum , described the symptoms and a lot of you suggested that the problem was with the Logic7 amp and or the ASK unit but probably not the speakers themselves...that's what i thought the problem was...well several of you guys saved me several hundreds of bucks....several of you suggested removing the units and ship them to a repair shop in California ...which i did.... Factory Radio Service and Repair..9155 Archibald Ave. Ste. 403 ; Rancho Cucamonga,CA. 91730. The technician that i had constant contact with was John Nguyen...damn good him and he'd answer...when he could (909) 944-8844. The E-mail address is he'd answer e-mails as well.....i'm not trying to take credit for this info....some of you guys sent it to me. I had local stereo shop to remove the Logic7....they wouldn't touch the ASK i went to youtube found a video and did it's VERY simple to do ...just be careful....the CD trimplate cover (woodgrain) is snapped in but very tight but i managed to get it off with no damage. If you remove the ASK unit yourself... after removing the woodgrain coverplate there are only three screws securing it and two wire harnesses to unplug... be careful with the smaller of the two has a very small hooklike protrusion that needs to be released before you can slide it didn't show this little hook. I shipped the units to John on July 15th (FEDEX) and received them back July 30th...reinstalled Aug the way John checked the was fine...the Logic7 had two bad outputs...long story i know but it was well worth the price $ shipping!
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