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How to replace the steering wheel?

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Well I finally got my alcantara steering wheel done in an acceptable fashion and I would like to install it on the car to see how it works out. Thus my question here. I am mostly concerned about the airbag and the slip ring (I do not want to damage it). So what would be the procedure to install a new steering wheel on our cars reusing the existing slip ring? Is this something I should try myself or pay 1 hour of labor to the dealer to do it?

I would appreciate any suggestions.

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I saw in the last accessories catalog that I picked up from the dealer that the last Z3's had a part number for the M3 steering wheel. Doesn't help the M coupe or roadster crowd, but I wonder if this wheel would make your life any easier? I kind of wish that when they did the restyle that they added some of those changes, i.e. a steering column that would accept the E46 M3 wheel, to our cars.
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