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How to replace the steering wheel?

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Well I finally got my alcantara steering wheel done in an acceptable fashion and I would like to install it on the car to see how it works out. Thus my question here. I am mostly concerned about the airbag and the slip ring (I do not want to damage it). So what would be the procedure to install a new steering wheel on our cars reusing the existing slip ring? Is this something I should try myself or pay 1 hour of labor to the dealer to do it?

I would appreciate any suggestions.

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If you don't mind, what did Alan charge you? I'm interested in seeing the pics. Although if it were a year long process :eek:, i would not be a happy camper....

i wonder if dwm has made any progress....
Ron Stygar said:
Working on fitting the E46 wheels to our cars.

Ron Stygar said:
See the problem. I'm out $556.00. Keep that in mind if dealing with this guy.
JonM said:
If you guys are interested, we can provide the name of the place we outsource to. They may or may not stock Alcantara, but we could sell pieces at cost.

They don't have perfect quality either, but they are quick. And honest. They are in Texas.
you have PM :)
JonM said:
Now you have PM. You try them and report back how it works out.
they're sending me samples.

oh boy :eeps:

how does the rim circ compare to ours?

(according to this, ours are 3 5/8")
Ron Stygar said:
Roughly 4.5 inch. The front to back being thicker feels better to me. I assume that's why BMW did it this way. If you look at closing your hand it is not a circle. It's thicker front to back too.
very good, thanks Ron.

just when you got the steering wheel buttons working on the stock is this just R&D or are you planning on sticking with this one?
1 - 8 of 38 Posts
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