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How to RESET Ssg Transmission not smg?

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Hey guys new to the forum, looking to find out how you reset the Ssg transmission is the procedure the same as the Smg for the m3? I just recently purchased my 2004 325ci with 204,000 on her she is showroom condition got her of the son of the origanal owner in a estate sale. The car was well well taken care of its a 9.5 out of 10 in and out everything was replaced and maintained except since his father passe dhe can not recall if the clutch was ever replaced, I am getting the 1st gear shutter sometime a slight shutter as well if pulling out in 2nd while in motion to! I understand there self adjusting but would lie to know if there is a mannual procedure as well. Also any other resets I should do or know about? My plan is to put in a stage 1 clutch soon as the warm weather hits any suggestions on best clutches used in the Ssg? I've been working on bmw forv8 years first time ever with the SSG not SMG!
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Unfortunately, the SSG is the "lost orphan" of the BMW world, It proved to be so troublesome that BMW pulled the plug on them in less than one model year (!), which should tell you something about it`s lack of desirability.

Due to the myriad of problems associated with them, nobody even wants to work on them, most shops who DO take them on wind up losing money on the deal....most places avoid them like The Plague.

If you think you have the savvy to tackle one, God bless you, and good luck !

If you got a good price on the car, and the rest of the car has been kept up, one option would be to convert it over to a proper 3-pedal manual. It might be worth the money.

Otherwise, dump it! (I`m serious) before the trans totally craps out and you`re stuck with a killer repair bill.

Lesson learned here:

With BMWs, always do your homework first, before spending any money....that pretty face can hide thousands of dollars worth of ugliness....
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