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How to test the rad fan

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Hi all,

just after some help on testing the rad fan on my x3 3.0d. The car got hot the other day while stuck in traffic but I didn't notice the cooling fan kick in. I've tried putting the Air con on to trigger it but nothing. I've now removed the fan from the car but struggling to get any luck from it by adding voltage to it.
Is there a way to put some power into it for a test.
Thanks in advance
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Your a true star, thanks for the help
Ah good reading, I personally think my issue is fan related too, looks like a common issue and not one anywhere from a breaker!!!!
Thanks for your time
Managed to order a new fan from car parts for less for £265 delivered, hopefully this will solve it. I'll keep the thread up dated for future reference
Just to update the thread my new rad fan solved my issue and now works with the air con switched on, hope this helps
Good point.

It's a frigair unit, made in Taiwan 0502.2004
Bmk -0105N

Thanks and good luck
Worked fine for my 3.0d matey. Hope that helps
1 - 7 of 19 Posts
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