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How to test the rad fan

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Hi all,

just after some help on testing the rad fan on my x3 3.0d. The car got hot the other day while stuck in traffic but I didn't notice the cooling fan kick in. I've tried putting the Air con on to trigger it but nothing. I've now removed the fan from the car but struggling to get any luck from it by adding voltage to it.
Is there a way to put some power into it for a test.
Thanks in advance
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Testing Rad fan.

I would like to add my issue here also. This is my first post so please be kind... 2008 X3 with a 600 watt fan that does not rotate. Turned on a/c no rotation, checked power at plug, checks good. Pulled fan out (which was very easy) used a power supply on fan an still no rotation. My question is, what does the smaller 3rd wire do? Does that have to provide an input in order to run the fan? Reading other threads I'm almost sure I have a bad fan but that 3rd wire is giving me cause for doubt. Also, can you use a 400 watt fan in place of a 600 watt? Why the difference in fans for the same motor? Thanks for you time. Input very welcome...
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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