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How to track vehicle shipment?

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My 330xi is "en route" to VPC now from Germany bound for Charleston. I remember reading that the vehicle can be tracked on the shipping company's website using the VIN. Can anyone tell me where/how to do this?
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Whether or not it can be tracked on the WW website actually depends on if the boat is actually a WW boat. My car is on the Triumph Ace (departure date April 29), which is actually owned by another company and used by WW when they need more boats, so I can't track it. :(

Whatever the case, if you click on my sig pic or 'Status: On the Water' in my sig, it will bring you to my pathetic site where there is a link halfway down the page that brings you to the WW site where you can track your car by VIN number, provided it is actually on one of their boats. You can also look at the voyage schedules (link also on site) by looking at the ports and date your car left Bremerhaven. Otherwise you can call WW (number also on my page) and ask them to tell you if your boat is on schedule.

Hope that helps, good luck!
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