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Howto program a Body Control Module for BMW X3 2004?

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Good afternoon everybody;

I just join this group.

Assuming that BCM has gone bad in my car, I bought a used BCM from Ebay.

Here are my QUESTIONs:

1. Assuming that it is in working condition, would it work if I simply replaced it with my old/broken one?

2. If it needs programming, how can I program it?

3. Besides VIN number any other information is needed for its programming?

4. I have seen some sites on the internet which sell hardware/software diagnostic software for BMW. Would such products are capable of programming this unit?

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You try these guys:

They don't list bcm but do list steering angle sensor. I am not familiar with the bcm but give them a call.

As a side note, it might be cheaper to have an independent BMW shop do this for you.
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