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Gs330Ci said:
240 for all those years. I had a 96 and I know for sure it had 240.
There was no MY 2000 M3. The last year of the coupes and convertibles was 1999, and the last year of the sedans was 1998.

The US market M3 had a 240 hp 3.0L in 1995, which made 225 lbs. ft of torque (this is the S50 US engine). In 1996, this engine was replaced with a 3.2L derivative, which made 240 hp and 236 lbs. ft of torque (according to the literature I have read, the designation for this engine was S52 B 32).

In Europe, the E36 M3 was introduced with a 286 hp/236 lbs. ft 3.0L. This engine was replaced with a 3.2L in 1996 (the so-called "Evo" engine) that made 321 hp/258 lbs. ft. Again, according to the literature I've read, these engines were the S50 B 30 and the S50 B 32, respectively. The European 3.2 had a slightly longer stroke than the American 3.2, and both European engines used different heads and throttle gear. Unfortunately, the American and European engines also use different blocks, so replacing a US head with a European one cannot be done.
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