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So I was at the LA auto show and in the aftermarket hall was this display by a company called HH2 Hydroelectric power. I didn't spend much time at all at the booth because I was tired and ready to bail home, but took some information to read later and have looked at everything on their crappy website. They are in Canoga Park, so curious if anyone would be interested in stopping by the facility to get more info and possibly drive a car.

What catches my attention are three things: 1) It claims to improve mileage by 5-50%(says it cant make specific mileage gains) 2) claims to improve power because of improved combustion and 3) produces zero to near zero emissions, qualifying it as a zero emission vehicle and CARB exemption, which may lower registration fees. Because of this, it qualifies for tax credits up to $2000 for a car which would lower your federal tax liability by 2k, basically paying for itself. It also says that by burning completely, carbon deposits burn up and the engine runs super clean. They said on the website that after install on the V8 Sequoia, they haven' changed the synthetic oil in over 20k miles. All sounds pretty good. Pricing is $1000 for a 6 cylinder and $1100 for an 8 cyl below 5 liters.

My questions to you all are this. Anyone else see this booth at the show? Anyone heard of similar devices in actual vehicles driven by enthusiasts like you and me? What would happen to oil if it were not changed for that long? I wonder if they did oil analysis to figure that part out.

I would consider putting it in my e30 before the e39, but getting better mileage and low to no emissions is a nice thing to have, plus the government will practically pay for all of it due to the tax credit (so they say). Just wondering what you guys all think.
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