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I am laughing my *ss off from this thread...

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Found on the .org Z3 board...

Got toasted by a GRANDMA
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Dan, thanks for the link. I have never laughed that much lately. :lmao:

*Still laughing and imagining the Grandma in a red M3* :D
Great post!

Just today some kid in an Eclipse cut me off, flipped me off, and dusted me in his car. I was in the old Acura Legend, struggling to even get on the freeway at 60. He was miles away by the time I merged.

My Porsche was at home in the garage. :cry:
I'll have to ask Nana


Sounds like my Great Grandmother in Silver Springs Md. My mother has refused to ride with for years now!

Don't worry Emission. If he's a local punk, you'll get your rematch one day. :thumb:
FWIW, my 78 year old Dad drives and SLK320 and is on the waiting list for the new SL. Loves to floor the car getting on the freeway...just wish he'd watch where he's going a little more. Here he is in his Healy about 8 years ago.

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Re: I'll have to ask Nana

scottn2retro said:
...If he's a local punk, you'll get your rematch one day. :thumb:
That's the attitude I like!
A few years back, when I was living in San Diego, I became aquainted with an man about 80 years old. He had been pulled over in his Corvette ZR-1 for doing 115 in a 55. The CHP officer wrote him up for 74 and he was able to do the traffic school thing to wipe it from his record and that's where my mother met him.

I wound up helping him set up a then blazing fast Apple Macintosh Quadra 900. As a reward, he let me drive some of his cars. He had quite the collection. Some of the more intersting were a 250 Testa Rosa, a Gullwing 300SL, a Jag D-Type racer and a Morgan +8. The drive in the Morgan was the most memorable. There's something about driving a wood framed car that you don't own with the owner constantly yelling that you aren't going fast enough. :thumb:

That was the thing about this guy. He was 80 years old and was living life like he was in his early 20s. I can only hope that I'm as full of life at that age as he was.
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