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I betrayed my MCoupe big time today....

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As part of the 3rd Monaco Historic GP the Ferrari dealer in Montecarlo organized a lapping session (for Ferrari's only...) on the closed GP track. we had TV, marshalls, public, the works. Number 7 Black 360 F1 is me!!!! I got the 2nd fastest time with 2'23"768. This of course got me promptly disqualified from the competition which was a regularity contest where you had to shoot for 2'53"160....but what a blast... got beat by an F50 by .5sec.
Guess all that time spent playing Gran Turismo 3 was not wasted after all :):lmao:


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Wow! That looks great!

How did you get to go to this?

I assume that is the dealer's car :D

Why would they disqualify you for doing so well? :dunno: Too hard on the cars :dunno:


looks like a great time
Actually the car is ours, my father bought it for himself for his 70th birthday!! (pretty cool). He lives in Montecarlo and that is where the car lives as well, a great reason to visit:) I got disqualified from the "competition" part because it was a regularity contest meaning whoever went closest to an average speed of 70 kph (that's a time of 2'53''160) won.... (insurance, FIA regulations) Sorry I had more fun. The cirucuit is fiendlishly hard, there is only one braking area which is in a straight line, every other one is either on a bump, downhill or on a slight turn in. I could have gone faster but I misunderstood the ground rules: I thought I would get black flagged if I went too fast on the lap so I let up on the finish straight. I also, not knowing the track too well, did not take the (much tighter than it looks on tv) tunnel turn at full throttle. But just to put things in prospective the winner of one of the historic heats turned a winning lap at 2'21'' in a 1927 Bugatti!!!!!! and I tell you I was going at a good 85% in the corners. F1 cars turn at 1'30'' something which just seems just like Sci fi....


Cool Dads

I too had the good fortune of having a car nut dad. Couple of years ago, he got a Porsche 993 Carrera 2 S, then a 996 C2, then a C5 Vette and we had a hell of a time autocrossing the cars. We took them to Daytona, Sebring, and Moroso for DEs and schooling. Had a great time. :D

Now here in Panama, I am by myself as far as car freaks :( , but at least I have my M Coupe to run around in:lmao:

Unbelievably nice!

U R 1 fortunate person! Congrats. Monte Carlo must be an amazing place to watch the race much less driven on!:)
Way cool photos! (m)

Question? I noticed in one of the photos you were not wearing a helmet? Did anyone?

Just wanted to know.
Some wore helmets but it was not required (amazingly, but I guess you were supposed to go kind of slow...) Good thing since I did not have mine with me.
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