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i can relax now..

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For those who knew my senerio about the nav system, forgive me. But for those who forgot, here goes.... I had burnt two disks with v.18 of the navigation software. One was the actual software and one was the key. I successfully burnt the disks with the data from when I had downloaded it from Alee's server along time ago. I was currently running v.17 in my 2001 330i. Anyhow, I go to put the data disk into the nav CD reader and it starts to upgrade with the progress bar. After it had finished upgrading, or the progress bar was full, the CD never ejected from the reader! I gave it 20 minutes to come out. I turned the car off and tried to get it out. I tried every possible method. I couldn't get it out. So, I had a burnt disk with a label on it that says V.18 nav software! (pretty click huh?) So, I devided to take the unit out and try to get the disk out. Long story short, I got it out after alot of sweating and crying. But, in the process of gettting it out, I slaughtered the inside of that thing. I used, two car keys, an index card, a pin, a long flat screw driver, a bent paper clip. Were's McGuyver when you need him? Long stoy short, I had to wait 6 and a half weeks to get an appt at my dealer to have it looked at. They replaced the nav system and everything works fine now. I am reading about all these people who have upgraded the software successfully and it makes me well.......jealous! I am convinced that it was just a machanical failure that probably would have happened anyway. But, a friend of mine said that sometimes cd players especially indash kinds sometimes have trouble reading and playing after market disks because they are slightly thicker than printed disks. I think I am going to have to live with V.17 because there is not way I am going through that again. Sorry for the long post, just wanted to say that it worked out after all that rage. A word of caution, personally, I wouldn't put anything i there except the data disk itself. But thats my experience. Stay well people and sorry for the long post. :D
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Glad to hear it Cliff. Don't try it again, no matter what the temptation may be! =) It's hard to know that others have done it and that you _COULD_ try it again, at the risk of having to possibly replace your own nav system. ;)
Thanks Chris. Yeah, I won't be trying to stick anything in there smaller than my elbow. :)
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