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I Did It!!!!

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This AM (Saturday), at 10:00 PDT I ordered my M3!!!!

Topaz Blue
Black Cow
Premium package.
Width Adjustable seats

Dealer now says 8 months!! :thumb:
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If that's true then it looks like you'll have it around Christmas & New Years.

Try to defer picking up & paying for it until after 1 Jan. The excise tax gets cut to 2% on 1 January. It may not be much ($150 or so), but it's something to consider even if it's academic to some.

Anyway, congrats Haus!

Disregard that crack I made about you in atyclb's thread over in the Showroom. I was just joking around. (Besides, Rip put me up to it!) :rolleyes:
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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