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I Did It!!!!

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This AM (Saturday), at 10:00 PDT I ordered my M3!!!!

Topaz Blue
Black Cow
Premium package.
Width Adjustable seats

Dealer now says 8 months!! :thumb:
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Now Doug, don't forget....

That Washington State "Square Dance" license plate is just waiting for you and your new car.... It just 'fits' .
(I couldn't resist)

Oh yeah- Since you wouldn't want to cross contaminate all your really really old Griots cleaning products that you've been using on the 'lesser' BMW onto your brighter and cleaner new M3.... I can help you dispose of many of your to be surplus goodies... I'm sure you'd want to start fresh! :thumb:

(I couldn't resist that either hehe)
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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