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Great news men! I got my valve cover off my 2002's engine tonight. I don't think it's going to be really bad either. The only bad part is that i had to break the valve cover off. i might have to uese some permatex to put it back on. looks like it just needs the valves ajusted. now that s something i can do myslef. only question is what kind of oil should i use? i heard that havoline was good. any pointers on other oil? sorry for rambling on but i'm real drunk right now. i get drunk when i work on cars. don't know why lol. i might be able to go up to that bmw meet after all.

well catch you all tomorrow.


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here's your previous thread:

Your post today drove home the point that we needed
a special forum for Bimmers of the more classic
variety; congrats - you are **the** charter member!


P.S. Drinking and posting can be muy peligroso Senor...
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